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CONTAINMENT CLASS:Dagdagiel confidential



SCP-XXXX. Image taken by Dr. Ferdinand prior to expedition.

Special Containment Procedures: The lack of knowledge regarding SCP-XXXX prohibits any specific containment procedures from being put in place, asides from standard disinformation and concealment campaigns. An expedition to SCP-XXXX by Dr. Hector Ferdinand is scheduled currently underway. Containment Procedures are being devised with information transmitted by Dr. Ferdinand.Dagdagiel Items are not completely understood and are currently being researched to establish proper containment procedures..

Description: SCP-XXXX is a series of lights spotted in the Urgor Trench, near the location of Deep-Sea Site-72. SCP-XXXX periodically appear and shine either a dark purple or bright red, usually occurring at least twice per day. SCP-XXXX is usually accompanied by a wave of Hume flucations and E.V.E energy directed towards Site-72. While the change in Hume and E.V.E is apparent enough to be recorded by SIte-72's automated systems, neither are intense enough to alter reality in any significant ways. However, evaluations of recordings indicate that these flucations are becoming more and more drastic as they occur, and could eventually alter reality in a noticeable, potentially dangerous, way.

SCP-XXXX was discovered by Dr. Hector Ferdinand, who spotted an occurrence of them while on break at Site-72. The Hume and E.V.E-affecting properties of SCP-XXXX were independently discovered by Lieutenant Qiang, who noticed the readings and correlated them with the appearances of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Dr. Ferdinand Expedition

To better understand SCP-XXXX and hopefully establish more appropriate containment procedures, an expedition was planned by Dr. Hector Ferdinand. The expedition would take place from a Class-C bathysphere.Class-C bathyspheres are submersibles specifically designed for traversal in the deep waters of Urgor Trench. Unlike other bathyspheres, Class-Cs are powered and can be manoeuvred by the driver. Class-C bathyspheres have enough space for one passenger and 2 cubic meters of cargo. from which Dr. Ferdinand would transmit collected data back to Deep Sea Site-72.

The expedition is planned to commence April 17th, 2022 is currently underway. The below addenda consist of transmissions from Dr. Ferdinand and communications with Site-72.

Addendum.XXXX.2: Bathysphere Logs

Dr. Ferdinand Communication Log #1

[The connection between Site-72 and bathysphere is weak. Incoming audio from either side is grainy and occasionally interrupted by static. The audio from the bathysphere is echo-y, on account of the audio system in bathyspheres lacking audio cancellation.]

Dr. Hector Ferdinand: …This should be it… Can you hear me, Command?

COMMAND: Loud and clear, Ferdinand. Had trouble finding the right channel?

Dr. Ferdinand: Heh, yeah. The bathysphere was still set on some Task Force's channel. None of the techs back at -72 bothered telling me how to fix it.

COMMAND: Apologies for that. Did they at least show you how to manoeuvre the bathysphere?

Dr. Ferdinand: Yeah. The controls are a bit clunky, but I think I got the hang of it. Which way is SCP-XXXX?

COMMAND: About half a klick below Site-72, according to the last sighting. You should find them in that general area.

Dr. Ferdinand: Roger that. I'll tune back in when I'm nearing it.

COMMAND: See you then, Ferdinand.

[1 hour of radio silence.]

Dr. Ferdinand: Command, you there? I'm nearing the location of XXXX, but I'm not seeing anything. Can you make sure I'm in the right locale?


Dr. Ferdinand: Command?


COMMAND: Apologies. I was putting on the headset. What seems to be the issue?

Dr. Ferdinand: [Sigh] Scared me for a moment there. I'm here where you said XXXX was last seen, but I don't see them anywhere. Am I in the right place?

COMMAND: Have you checked the bathysphere's sensors? We don't know what we're looking for here, so it might not be something you can see with your own eyes.

Dr. Ferdinand: One second…

[The sounds of Dr. Ferdinand struggling with the bathysphere's machinery can be heard.]

Dr. Ferdinand: They're not picking anything up E.V.E or Hume-wise.

COMMAND: Stick around there for a bit then. Might just take it a bit to come out. How much food you got down there?

Dr. Ferdinand: Enough for a couple of days.

COMMAND: Understood. Radio back in when you got something.

[2 hours of radio silence.]

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