Starry and Friend's Wonderful Adventures!

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Yuh

Special Containment Procedures: Archives of broadcasts from television programs meant for children are to be screened for episodes of SCP-XXXX. Foundation Internet Crawler I/O-ASTERIX is set to monitor for and delete any episodes of SCP-XXXX found online, with a focus on communities centred around "lost media." Any episodes found by I/O-ASTERIX are to be downloaded to an isolated database in Area-34 for further study.

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Starry, drawn by an unknown child.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1986 animated cartoon titled "Starry and Friend's Wonderful Adventures", created by Northstar Studios. SCP-XXXX follows an episodic format following the eponymous Starry and his two friends, Smokey and [name], as they travel the country with a religious group. Each episode involves the trio exploring the town, city, or area they stopped in and getting into misadventures. The show stars two main antagonists, [name] and [name], who follow behind the group. Every episode features a secondary plot where-in [name] and [name] attempt to capture and/or kill the main three characters. The show has a loose overarching plot, although it is only loosely touched upon at the end of most episodes and featured in some key episodes.

SCP-XXXX exhibits an

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