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Artistic rendering of SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-XXXX occurred prior to the creation of the Foundation, containment efforts are focused on the suppression and discrediting of information regarding the event.

Accounts and descriptions of SCP-XXXX available to the public are to be described as fictitious and/or religious writing, rather than historical documents. Archaeological expeditions made to areas where pre-XXXX civilizations are known to have existed are to be closely monitored by Foundation plants for possible artefacts connected to these civilizations.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to an event that occurred around 10,000 BCE While exact descriptions of SCP-XXXX are unavailable, SCP-XXXX is known to have been a global event that resulted in a sharp decrease of thaumaturgical, ontokinetic, and otherwise anomalous activities.

Hundreds of anomalous artefacts were destroyed during the event, and many anomalous species disappeared over the next several days. An unknown amount of civilisations dependent on occult arts collapsed or were weakened as a direct result of SCP-XXXX.

Many accounts also describe an oneiric effect of the event. Individuals who practised thaumaturgy or were ontokinetic and asleep during SCP-XXXX all experienced similar dreams. Within the dreams, the individuals would be visited by a masculine figure in an open field. The figure would speak in an unknown language with an urgent tone before reaching into the individual. An item of sentimental significance to the subject would be pulled out and taken away by the figure. Individuals who experienced this dream described feeling empty or violated when they awoke from it.



Records indicate that the period of time prior to SCP-XXXX was an anomalously abundant one, with a majority of the technology at the time relying heavily on anomalous artefacts or processes. While anomalous species were still outnumbered by the mundane ones (ratio of 1:3), there were still much more than in the modern era (0.5:5).

Multiple civilizations, whose infrastructure or source of food was dependent on the anomalous, existed during this time period. While information is scarce, it is known that the majority of the world (with the exception of the British Isles) had been civilized. Despite the vast amount of civilizations during this period, and their wide reach, SCP-XXXX seemingly erased most of their structures. The only records of their existence that remain are those found in the Wanderers' Library and accounts written by those who survived SCP-XXXX. While the original names of these civilizations are unknown, they have been posthumously named by the Department of Archaeology:

The land of Akiliniq existed somewhere near the Arctic Circle, either in Iceland or Baffin Island. While no records exist from the inhabitants of this area, outsiders described it as a bustling economic centre. Akiliniq, written as ᐊᑭᓕᓂᖅ in Inuktitut, is the only successful civilization known to have existed this far north in the western hemisphere.

Aztlán was a small yet prosperous city-state located in what is now known as Mexcaltitán de Uribe. Many of the native Nahualteca in Mexico can trace their ancestry back to the residents of the city-state. While most sources from within Aztlán describe it as a peaceful paradise, outside sources describe it as having come under the rule of a dynastic tyranny towards the end of its existence.

Cockaigne existed somewhere within Western Europe, near the border of what is now France and Germany. Cockaigne's agriculture relied on anomalous processes and rituals which greatly increased the amount of food they harvested from a single crop. Because of this, very little of the land under the control of Cockaigne was reserved for food, with the rest of it being made up mostly of residencies and entertainment. The inhabitants were known to have led a life of extreme luxury and ease, and as a result the population almost immediately died out following SCP-XXXX.

Mu existed somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, consisting of a series of cities located on scattered islands and archipelagos. Very little is known about this civilization beyond its seafaring capabilities, which relied on anomalous marine organisms.

Yǔshān was located atop a mountain range in the modern-day Chinese province of Qinghai. A smaller event, similar to SCP-XXXX but with less drastic in its effects, was reported to have occurred in Yǔshān in the past. As such, the civilization had largely removed its dependency on the anomalous, reverting to more mundane practices. Despite this, Yǔshān vanished during SCP-XXXX, leaving behind only scattered structures and artefacts.



The following documents have been curated by SCP-XXXX's research team as examples of SCP-XXXX's effects on the human population at the time. Requests to view all documents pertaining to SCP-XXXX can be submitted to the Research Head.

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