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The following file is not classified. All personnel are able to read and edit the page without removing previous information.
If you are reading this, you are very lucky. I don't even know how many times I did try to edit this page myself, since I spent most of my time on the Foundation Database, all I can do is hoping this one will work. While I did not witness SCP-6966 myself, this warning message is the best I can do to help this file.
— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item#: 6966
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Identikit picture of SCP-6966

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-6966's nature, containment is impossible. Whenever SCP-6966 enters the memory of any personnel, the exact details of that memory should be reported to the Site Director and with confirmation; to the Anti-Memetics Department. The identikit of SCP-6966 is to be posted in all Foundation facilities and made available to all members of Foundation Staff.

This page and any information found in the Foundation Database mentioning SCP-6966 is to be considered lost. However, staff are able and encouraged to edit the page if they remember any interview or encounter with SCP-6966.

Description: SCP-6966 is a possible anti-memetic1 entity that appears in individuals and digital memories. SCP-6966's appearance varies between human memories but will frequently appear as a 20-year-old male with blue eyes and blond hair.

It is unknown whether SCP-6966 is erasing most memories concerning any of its information or if SCP-6966 simply appears at random in people and digital memories.

Information concerning SCP-6966 saved on digital memory will disappear as soon as the information is saved. This means there are no working files, video, audio, transcript records or mention regarding SCP-6966 on the Foundation Database. However, there are very rare instances of an exception to the anomalous effect. In that case, the information will appear randomly on the digital memory where it has been saved. For example, the official item designation file you are currently reading is very rare to found.

Class-W Mnestics2 and individuals with natural immunity to memory-clouding phenomena are believed inefficient to remember SCP-6966.

Addendum-1: On 12/03/2010, Dr. Kalister successfully edited the page. The following was rewritten by Dr. Kalister according to his previous experience with SCP-6966.

Interviewed: Entity believed to be SCP-6966

Interviewer: Dr. Kalister

Foreword: Kalister, if you see this, it really happened, even if you don't remember it.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kalister turns on a recording device

Dr. Kalister: Please state your name.

SCP-6966: You know this won't go anywhere, right?

Dr. Kalister: What do you mean?

SCP-6966: Telling you my name won't change a single thing, you won't remember it.

Dr. Kalister: Wha- what are you talking about?

SCP-6966 sighed.

SCP-6966: Do you remember that you passed by my containment door, just before, and you were surprised to see this number on my door since the number 6966 is not assigned?

Dr. Kalister: Well, yes but how did you-

SCP-6966: -Let me tell you, I am the ghost file.

Dr. Kalister: The-

SCP-6966: Yes Kalister, the file that multiple researchers swear seeing but never existed. The myth that you and your colleagues are joking about during the dinner pauses. I am the one who causes such event, Kalister.

Dr. Kalister: But- w-wait, how do you know my name? I didn't tell you my name!

SCP-6966: You didn't during this interview.

Dr. Kalister: This is the first interview I've made with you… I didn't even know you were here until I passed by your containment chamber.

SCP-6966: That's what you think, but you told me your name yesterday, in this very same room. And you had the same reaction when I told you that this interview was made even before yesterday.

Dr. Kalister: But this is-

SCP-6966: -Impossible? You always say that when I tell you the truth. That's what I am, Kalister, an eating-memory entity.

Dr. Kalister: …I see. So if I go out this door, I will just forget that you even exist?

SCP-6966: Pretty much, yes.

Dr. Kalister: Ok, but if everything is recorded it doesn't matter if I remember or not, does it?

SCP-6966: Recording this conversation is not a good idea either.

Dr. Kalister: How so?

SCP-6966: Because this thing has a memory too, even though it is an artificial one. I affect everything that has a memory.

Dr. Kalister turns off the recording device.

Dr. Kalister: And if I write everything you just said on a sheet of paper? Don't tell me paper has a memory too.

SCP-6966: No, but it won't change it either. If you try to write everything I just said and you leave the room, you'll forget why you were even here. You will then likely lose that paper because you will have forgotten what's written on it and its importance. If someone found the paper again, they would probably read it, considering notifying the Foundation but will forget about it at the very moment they look away from the paper. And they will too, forget the paper somewhere.

Dr. Kalister: And what if-

SCP-6966: -I'll stop you there, Kalister. Believe me, I tried everything. You see, the best I could achieve in years was having my own item designation and my own file.

Dr. Kalister: And how did you manage that?

SCP-6966: To be fair, I don't even know.


SCP-6966: You see, in some rare cases, someone or some device remembers me. I don't know how or why that happens. I believe it's entirely based on luck. Heck, you might remember some bits of this very conversation… but I doubt it.

Dr. Kalister: So what your saying is that there is still a chance I remember this conversation? If so, then I'll leave this room, and if I remember this conversation, I will report it as quickly as possible.

SCP-6966: Even if you do remember, what are you gonna do after? You will try to tell your superiors, but once they heard something concerning me, they'll immediately forget it as soon as they heard it.

Dr. Kalister: Then… why don't we try editing your page.

SCP-6966 signed again and pulls out a laptop from beneath his chair.

SCP-6966: Before you ask, that is a computer I've "borrowed" a long time ago. So, you can try it by yourself. Not only it is very rare to see the page, but it is even rarer to edit the page since the database will forget that you tried to edit the page.

Dr. Kalister opens the labtop.

Dr. Kalister: Did you ever tried to open your file?

SCP-6966: I can access my own file sometimes but never got to editing it.

Dr. Kalister: Well, you're never gonna believe me…

Dr. Kalister shows the screen computer to SCP-6966.

Dr. Kalister: I've managed to found your file!

SCP-6966: Congrat.

Dr. Kalister: Aren't you happy?

SCP-6966: Well, yes. It is very rare to found my page when we are searching for it, but…

Dr. Kalister: But?

SCP-6966: But you came here so often that these moments are no longer a surprise.

Dr. Kalister: Wait, for how many years were you contained here?

SCP-6966: It's gonna be 51 years next week.

Dr. Kalister: What?! You- do you never get tired of staying here?

SCP-6966: I guess not. You see, I've been in this world for a long time now. I don't really know why was I born with this curse. Maybe I was born under a hateful star. My whole life, I've considered myself a mistake. A living being that is not supposed to be here. An error.

Dr. Kalister: You're not an error. I've seen some errors, and you are not one of them.

SCP-6966: Thank you. You've said that a lot of times but thank you. For me, you are a group of people who decided to contain and study my kind. When I first heard of you, I thought you'll be the answer to my never-ending question. There was even an entire department dedicated to curses similar to mine. But what I found instead is a place full of people and entities with curses way worse than mine. It was… let's say reassuring.

Dr. Kalister: That's pretty sad.

SCP-6966 chuckle

SCP-6966: It was a real pleasure to talk to your group since you are all used to the "anomalies" as you call them. I wandered around in most of your facilities, even the most hidden ones. I've seen every single thing you've made, from the worst mistakes to the good solutions. I've decided to stay on the biggest one, which is this Site. I asked you to make me a containment cell, and so you did. With that kind of room, I was able to talk to the curious ones that passed by my containment door. Thank you again by the way.

Dr. Kalister: Wait, I've made your containment cell?

SCP-6966: Yes Kalister, for you, I am a stranger. But for me, you are a good friend. I enjoy talking with you, Kalister. You are always honest. And also, your expression always gave me hope when I needed it the most.

Dr. Kalister: …Talking about hope, maybe we still have the luck to edit the page.

SCP-6966: Like I said Dr. Kalister, it's impossible. The chance to edit the page is very very low.

Dr. Kalister: Ho yeah, let me just rewrite this whole conversation and we'll see about that.

Dr. Kalister is typing.

SCP-6966: …Kalister

Dr. Kalister doesn't listen (intentionally)

SCP-6966: Kalister, please.

Dr. Kalister is still unresponsive and continues typing.

SCP-6966: Look, It's very kind of you to do that.

Dr. Kalister: Huh huh.

SCP-6966: But it is not necessary. No matter how much you tr-

Dr. Kalister: Could you remember me what did you said one minute ago about "talking to my superiors is a bad solution"?

SCP-6966: I… ha fuck it. I said they would immediately forget it as soon as they heard about it.

Dr. Kalister continues typing.

SCP-6966: You really are stubborn, you know that?

Dr. Kalister: Finished!

SCP-6966: You save it? And by my guess, it didn't work, huh?

Dr. Kalister: Well, guess what.

Dr. Kalister turns the computer to face SCP-6966.

Dr. Kalister: It is saved.


SCP-6966: Fuck me.

<End of Log>

Closing Statement: Well, the last part isn't exactly true, because right now I'm still writing what you are reading. But if you see this, it means the last part is now true.

The following is an edit made by [unknown user] on this file in 10/09/2018:

Hello to however that will read this. This message is initially for Dr. Kalister.

Kalister, I hope you've read the previous interview you made with me, If you didn't, go for it.

I've lied in this Interview. I've lied because I never thought this would be the interview that would get saved. I've lied because it really takes too much time to explain this with you, usually. So here goes the truth:

When I told you you were a close friend of mine, I lied. In fact, I am in love with you.

Yes, I know it's a lot to take in, but you got to believe me.

We had multiple meetings, all of them beautiful. To be honest, I think you are the reason that made me stayed on this Site for the past years. We've had multiple first Rendez-Vous, and I cherish every moment of it. Of course, you've loved me back multiple times, but none of them were that long.

Every time you come into that room, I think of the times we've passed together. I remember every single conversation we had, you told me about your cold but kind boss to your little chihuahua that loves pissing everywhere. I can remember the first time, about thirty years ago, you came to the Site with your Nirvana T-shirt reversed. I remember this smile of yours that would never stay out of my head. But you never remember anything.

Don't get me wrong, it's not your fault at all. It's just the fault of my curse, this fucking curse. If this curse could only stop for one single day, I would cherish that day with you like if it was the last day of my life. A day we would remember, together.

Anyway, I hope this message will help with your usual confusion. I have tried at least several hundred thousand times editing this page, and I'll continue until it finally works. I don't expect a response to this, I only hope you will understand.

I love you, Kalister, I love you so much. And I hope, one day, you'll remember me us.

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