Welcome to LSPR! I'm TopDownUnderTopDownUnder1, and here I'll be telling you what you can do with this site, and why it is featured as a tab on the Amino.

LSPR was created for the purpose of enhancing our wikis on the Amino, mostly through making graphics that we can screenshot and add to them. (Such as ACS!)

For a while, this wiki was only shared amongst staff members who actually wrote stuff, or wanted to help other staff members write stuff, however, now we will be opening up the site for all members to use!

To keep this short, all you have to do is join the site and create a page for yourself, similarly to the SCP Wiki's Sandbox! If you don't have a wikidot account, you will need to make one of those first. The only difference being that you won't annoy SCP site staff when you do it here.

After that is done, all you need to do is take a look at the templates and create a page for yourself!2
As always, if you ever need any help with anything, staff is right here for you!

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