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The wooden elevator creaked and moaned as it descended, down into the deepest and darkest part of this concrete hell. You had been in this lift for.. 10, 15 minutes? You had stopped checking your watch a while ago. The floorboards underneath you bent and squeaked as you shuffled your feet. You looked down at the folder in your hands, the endless questions contained within. As you were about to open it, the elevator suddenly jerked to a stop, forcing you to snap the folder shut. The doors slowly opened, stopping halfway through before continuing.

As you enter the hallway, the lights turn on ahead of you, and shut off behind you. The walls and floor are made of damp rock, and you almost slip a couple of times. Moss and ivy covered some of the walls, creeping up onto the ceilings and down onto the floor. Every once in a while, you could hear moans and screams coming from somewhere else in this subterranean Gehenna. You chose to ignore them.

At the end of the hallway, you see a simple, steel door, just like any other door in any other Site. It was… Out of place. It's familiarity a stark contrast to this strange place you find yourself in. You made your way to the door, pulling out your keycard and swiping it. After a moment, the light turned green, and the door opened itself for you. You entered, the artificial fluorescent lights overwhelming your eyes.

Once your eyes adjusted to the new environment, you found yourself in a standard interview room. A table in the middle, divided by a single pane of glass, keeping the two chairs at either end separated from one another. You looked around, staring at the camera in the corner for a moment before taking a seat. The buzz from the PSA system turning on startled you, hurting your ears.


He raised an eyebrow at this announcement. Pleas for help? What the hell have The Foundation done to this guy? Whatever, wasn't your place to ask those type of questions. Pay wasn't good enough for that…

After 10 or so minutes, another door opened. Two face- and nameless soldiers walked in, carrying a person in between them. They had a bag over their face, and it sounded like they were gagged. The Agents forced them onto the seat, locking them into it before removing the bag. They ripped off the duct tape over their mouth before leaving, closing the door behind me.

The person looked at you with scared, defenceless eyes. After a moment of silence, they opened their mouth:

"Please man you gotta help me I don't know what happened they just came into my office an…"

They trailed off, seeing that you weren't paying attention. They sighed and looked down at the floor. You looked at them for a moment, remembering them from somewhere else… Wait a minute. An Overseer had visited your Site once… Oh god, was this them? What the hell happened? An Overseer of all the.

You shook your head, reminding yourself that you didn't need to care.

You opened your folder, looked at your questions, and asked…


Accurate Depiction of Top.

Top, the code thief, the CSS snatcher, the HTML burglar, who is this person?

Honestly, good question.

Hey! I'm TopDownUnder. I'm a rather new writer, but I've been an avid reader of the site since Series III. The first articles I really read was SCP-169 and Dr. Gears' Proposal. I use they/them and she/her pronouns, so yeah B).

If for whatever you need to contact me, you can find me on:

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