'Party Bot Pack' (W74S34/FFGV8O/ILSD13)

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Status Renting Unacquirable
Demand Medium/Low
Value 5000USD/3700GBP (not including installation fees and potential repair and maintenance fees Not for Sale
Availability Unique
Identifier Party Bot Pack
Description Group of four animatronic robots designed for children's entertainment. Consists of: one bot intended for comedy, one bot intended for music, one bot intended for cooking/baking, and one intended for security. All bots are loosely based on mascots from Frankfort Animation Company.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Initial Report
Author Amancio Esposito Date July 24, 2006
Interest Low Identifier Party Bot Pack
In one of our deals with that Frankfort Studio, one of their reps let it slip that they use to have a series of animatronics that they'd use for parties or promotional campaigns, but that they locked all of them up in some dusty old warehouse over in San Franciso. I convinced Salina to use her… "talents" and we managed to get an address from them.
File Opened Under: W74S34/FFGV8O/ILSD13
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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