Memecon 3

Dr. Jack Bright Interview

Interviewer: Dr. Akabi Hayk

Preface: As Dr. Bright was directly affected by SCP-6170-A, it was decided that interviewing him might yield valuable information on the situation. Due to his current status, Dr. Akabi Hayk, a Foundation parapsychologist, was chosen to conduct the interview.


[The interview room consists of a single table with two metal chairs on either side. The wall to the left contains a one-way window allowing observation from an adjacent room. While protocol dictates that all interviews need to be overseen, the ongoing shortage of personnel makes this impossible.]

[Dr. Jack Bright is restrained to his chair with metal clamps over his wrists and ankles. Dr. Akabi Hayk is seated opposite of him.]

Dr. Akabi Hayk: For the reco-

Dr. Jack Bright: Upgh ssay.

Dr. Hayk: -rd, I am Dr. Akabi Hayk, a Foundation employee specialising in parapsychology. And I am currently interviewing-

Dr. Bright: I am not not now I but sure I am not now I but now I am now I believe I am now I was once I am not not sure Jack Bright.

Dr. Hayk: -for possible information on… the current situation.

Dr. Bright: The gawks, furthe rushed by the death of worlds, furthe rush of entropy, caused by the gawks, thered by thered by us.

Dr. Hayk: Uh, yeah, that. I was chosen for this due to both my profession and my history with this, uh.. prick.

Dr. Bright: Us once cursed you thank you there. I We Us once cursed you for thank you for enlightening us with there. I We Us once cursed you there or that event. But now us with that plant, but now us we you for thank you for that event. But that event.

Dr. Hayk: You're… Welcome?

Dr. Bright: Couofrse.

Dr. Hayk: Alright, so, Jack, could you tell me what exactly has happened to you?

Dr. Bright: This try took a while and and shattering of its death. The come animals of it into million throughout top, but souls of all of out the to crawl bastion the fallen. The souls I to too to reverberated those damned rats have fracturing of its have fracturing of pieces. It the to thoses. I am on the toll of allen. The fall thoses. I overwrote have cosmose poor people are many, and shattering of pieces. I try to crawl bast bastions of allen. The fracturing it into mind and shattering my necking of all th

Dr. Hayk:…I see. So… this has something to do with the death of SCP-6170.

Dr. Bright: CP-6170's unfortunate demise caused this. Is this. Is that well. Yes, SCP-6170's unfortunate demise caused this. Is that well. Yes, SCP-6170's unfortunate demise caused that we're calling the man? Very.

Dr. Hayk: Wait, wait, I understood that! '6170's unfortunate demise caused this!' Hah! Ok, ok, this- this is a start! Is there anything you can tell me about 6170? About all of this… all this shit going on?

Dr. Bright: Yee, man. 6170 made change me hard, very diff. Heros, and not the path. God them how them how them what God those Bookburners, those Bookburners, the progress of and ask those Bookburners, the path. Go not the path it is going doomed them how the world. Ask the path it is not that Saints, they killed. SCP-6170, the world is not them how those Heros, is going down they killed. SCP-6170, the progress of not them how they killed. Ask them what Saint amongst Saints.

Dr. Hayk: Bookburners… Saints… There's a couple of religious groups within the GOC's Council of 108.. Is that what you're telling me, Bright? They have something to do with this?

Dr. Bright: I members themselves, ask thing to do with of SCP-6170. You must ask themselves, ask the death of SCP-6170. You must ask the Bookburners them how themselves, ask they poisoned themselves, ask themselves, ask the Bookburners have not what I members have no!

Dr. Hayk: Poisoned themselves… You said something about a god.. was 6170 a god?

[Dr. Hayk grabs her PDA, searching for something within the Foundation database.]

Dr. Hayk: The Satanist Scientist's whole thing is killing gods, and if 6170 was indeed a god, then… I need to go and make some calls.

[Dr. Hayk gathers her notes into a neat pile before quickly walking out of the interview room.]

[Dr. Bright sighs, slumping in his chair.]

Dr. Bright: Fuutck.


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