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This file's Containment Procedures and Description are slated for major revisions to more accurately reflect events since their publication (see Addenda 30021.1-9). As such, the current file likely contains outdated or no longer accurate information.


Item#: 30021
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
CAONOT-Area-27 Dr. Lilith Asimov Dr. Ismail al-Atassi STF E-55 ("Devil May Care")


Campaign image circulated by SCP-30021

Special Containment Procedures: Following the reemergence of SCP-30021's anomalous capabilities, efforts are to be made to ensure its defeat in the 2024 Presidential Elections. To this end, the Foundation has decided to support Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Following the 2000 Presidential Election, the Foundation is not allowed to tamper with the election. As such, the Foundation is restricted to funding candidates and cooperating with think tanks, lobbying groups, and Super PACs. Under no circumstances are anomalies to be deployed to interfere with the election.

If SCP-30021 is elected as President, Lifted Veil protocols are to be prepared and implemented. Foundation efforts are to be focused on exposing SCP-30021 to Provisional Agent Kate Hopkins and/or Dr. Alto Clef. If this becomes infeasible, assets are to be redirected to find other means to neutralize SCP-30021.

Description: SCP-30021 is 2024 Presidential Candidate Michael 'Mike' Richard Pence. SCP-30021 exhibits intensive theological properties, showing the capability to harness faith (especially those of Abrahamic religions) to influence reality, in a degree similar to a Class I reality bender. Readings on SCP-30021 show a high output of Akiva Radiation Most readings show an Akiva Radiation level of 545 centikiva., indicating a connection to a major deific entity.

SCP-30021's anomalous abilities were first discovered in 2015, during its term as governor as Indiana. Following its signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (or RFRA), the amount of ambient Akiva Radiation in the state capitol experienced a sharp increase. At first thought to be because of RFRA, an investigation was conducted by the Foundation that concluded that the sudden spike was caused by radiation generated by SCP-30021 in response to the amount of evangelical support it experienced. As SCP-5004-B was already running for the presidency by the conclusion of the investigation, and the entity had shown interest in making SCP-30021 his running mate, it was decided that it'd be best if SCP-30021 became the vice president alongside SCP-5004-B.

Addendum 30021.1: Re-activation

Following SCP-5004-B's defeat in the 2020 Presidential Election, SCP-30021 maintained contact with the entity, visiting him regularly enough to maintain the effects of exposure. However, on July 15th, 2023, three days after SCP-5004-B announced plans to run for the 2024 Presidential Election, the entity was assassinated during a rally in Superior, Wisconsin. Following is a transcript of a telephone call between Dr. Sophia Light and Dr. Alto Clef referencing the event.

Dr. Sophia Light: Clef, what is it? It's… God, it's 3am.

Dr. Alto Clef: Well, you remember that thing back in 2016, hm? With the demon under the Capitol Building? And that wreck of a sink you guys chose?

Light: SCP-5004? Well, yeah. What about it?

Clef: Something's gone wrong with it. And, well… All I'm saying is, this wouldn't have happened if you guys had chosen me for fucking President. Not too late to call up Xyank and ask for a police box.

Light: I'd prefer not to think of how that'd go. And what do you mean 'something went wrong with it'? Old Gorman is long dead, and -B isn't even President anymore. There's nothing to worry about.

Clef: The ol' Trumpet's In reference to SCP-5004-B. dead, Sophie. Got shot square in the head by some radicalA British-born American citizen by the name of Beatrix Johnson was later found guilty for the assassination of SCP-5004-B. during a rally in the Carolinas.


Clef: You haven't forgotten about Pence, have you?


Light: Shit.

Following this conversation, the members of Project Whirlwind - alongside Dr. Ismail al-Atassi, Dr. Alto Clef, and Agent Carmen Maldonado - were re-assembled to discuss the potential of SCP-30021 becoming a threat.

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

In Attendance:

  • Dr. Sophia Light - Director, Foundation Western Regional Command
  • Dr. Mark Kiryu - Senior Researcher
  • Dr. Simon Glass - Head, Foundation Psychology
  • Dr. Charles Gears - Head, Analytics
  • Dr. Katherine Sinclair - Director, Thaumatology and Occult Studies, Site-87
  • Dr. Hollister Cox - Asst. Director, Site-81
  • Dr. Jack Bright - Director, Personnel
  • Dr. Ismail al-Atassi - Director, Tactical Theology
  • Dr. Alto Clef - Director, Internal Security
  • Agent Sasha Merlo - Field Agent
  • Agent Daniel Navarro - Field Agent
  • Dr. Justine Everwood - GOI Liaison
  • Agent Carmen Maldonado - Special Liason to the FBI

Dr. Sophia Light: So, as many of you heard, SCP-5004-B is dead. Got shot in the head during a rally a week or so ago.

Dr. Jack Bright: God, the party I had after that was wild!

Light: Yeah, yeah. Well, while I imagine we all celebrated after that, we do need to focus on the outcomes of Trump's death.

Dr. Simon Glass: Oh, but I thought Old Gorman was already dealt with?

Dr. Charles Gears: Was there an unknown element to the anomaly?

Light: Not necessarily, but there is another anomaly that could be affected by this. Ismail, care to elaborate?

Dr. Ismail al-Atassi: Gladly. As you know, SCP-5004-B's Vice President was Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana. We actually have him classified as an anomaly, SCP-30021. As luck would have it, Pence became Trump's running mate, meaning that we had no need to contain him until they split. We got even luckier when Pence experienced Trump's residual effects, meaning we didn't need to do as much to keep him in check. But, well, with Trump dead, he's going to become an issue.

Bright: What do you mean "keep him in check"? Isn't he just some religious nut?

al-Atassi: That's the issue. Pence has shown the capacity to harness faith to bend reality. When we first got wind, Pence was already Trump's running mate, so we just made SCP-5004-B his containment procedures and called it a day.

Gears: That doesn't necessarily sound like the best of decisions.

al-Atassi: It was the best my Department could think of at the moment, behind assassinating him, which, well, would put us in direct conflict with the UIU.

Dr. Justine Everwood: You're right on that.

Agent Carmen Maldonado: Agreed.

al-Atassi: Mhm. Right now Pence isn't aware of his anomalous properties, but, we think enough faith, or support from the evangelical community would make him cognizant of them. Of course, none of this is confirmed, but I could have the Department do a report on Pence.

Dr. Hollister Cox: I imagine it would be bad if he became President. It seems like he's gearing up to announce his candidacy. Should we start looking into options to assassinate him or help a candidate against him?

Dr. Alto Clef: I could be the candidate.

Light: No.

Dr. Mark Kiryu: Most definitely not.

Glass: Heaven's sake no.

Gears: I don't believe that would be the best course of action.

Dr. Katherine Sinclair: God no.

Cox: No.

Bright: Oh, fuck no! You'd be worse than me!

Agent Sasha Merlo: No.

Agent Daniel Navarro: No.

Everwood: No.

Maldonaldo: Huh?

Clef: Alright, alright, I get it.

Sinclair: How about Bernie Sanders? He's rather popular right now.

Cox: Why not Biden? He's already the incumbent. Better chance of him winning.

Light: Well, Joe is… Very unpopular right now. Haven't you seen the protests in Charlotte?

Cox: Alright, Bernie it is then.

Bright: (Whispered) Please don't be dead, please don't be dead.

Addendum 30021.2: Tactical Theology Report


Prepared by the Department of Tactical Theology

Subject: Mike Pence

Date: July 18th, 2023

Site: Reliquary Area-27

Assigned Personnel: Yossi Leiner

Report: Analysis by the Department of Tactical Theology on Mike Pence has demonstrated an intense amount of Akiva Radiation, far exceeding other important religious figures such as Pope Francis, Deepak Chopra, and the Dalai Lama. Historical analysis indicates radiation levels equal to or surpassing those of Jesus of Nazarene, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Abram. The exact source of this amount of radiation is unknown but is theorized to be related to his most major theological property.

Pence is capable of harnessing faith to alter reality. At this point, his abilities are analogous to a Class I reality-bender, and his alterations are very sloppy. A single SRAScranton Reality Anchor, a piece of paratechnology used to stabilize reality. Developed by Dr. Lang in 2002. would be enough to inhibit him in this state. However, it seems the more support he garners from religious ones, especially Abrahamic ones (with the possible exception of Islamic denominations), the more potent his anomaly becomes. He doesn't seem to be aware of this, but we believe enough support, enough to classify him as a Class II reality-bender, would allow him to be cognizant of this.

Reports indicate that enough support, the kind needed to become President of the United States, would be enough to manifest him as the physical embodiment of the Abrahamic God. This would allow him to alter reality in the same manner as a Class V reality-bender, although his alterations would still most likely be very messy.

As such, it is the recommendation of the Department of Tactical Theology that Mike Pence is assassinated or otherwise incapacitated before he garners more support from the religious community and becomes self-aware.

Addendum 30021.3: Kate Hopkins

Following the above report, the meeting was held by Project Berning, which is transcribed below:

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

In Attendance:

  • Dr. Sophia Light - Director, Foundation Western Regional Command
  • Dr. Mark Kiryu - Senior Researcher
  • Dr. Simon Glass - Head, Foundation Psychology
  • Dr. Charles Gears - Head, Analytics
  • Dr. Katherine Sinclair - Director, Thaumatology and Occult Studies, Site-87
  • Dr. Hollister Cox - Asst. Director, Site-81
  • Dr. Jack Bright - Director, Personnel
  • Dr. Ismail al-Atassi - Director, Tactical Theology
  • Dr. Alto Clef - Director, Internal Security
  • Agent Sasha Merlo - Field Agent
  • Agent Daniel Navarro - Field Agent
  • Dr. Justine Everwood - GOI Liaison
  • Agent Carmen Maldonado - Special Liason to the FBI

Dr. Ismail al-Atassi: Everyone done reading the report?

Dr. Alto Clef: Who the fuck is Deepak?

al-Atassi: New Age guy. Doesn't matter for what we're doing right now.

Dr. Sophia Light: Looking at this, if the report is accurate-

al-Atassi: Leiner is always accurate.

Light: -then we have something big on our hands. With how messy his alterations have been in the past… Imagine the effects on reality if he could mess with it on a planet-wide scale.

Dr. Charles Gears: I consulted Lang on this. If Pence became powerful enough to bend reality at that scale, and if he doesn't learn to do so more smoothly, it could result in a ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario. A very undesirable outcome.

Clef: You're right on that. These past eight years he's been contained by a reality sink, yeah? I'm a reality sink too myself. Hence why we got me on video call so I don't end up fucking over Bright or Kain. We could get me on a plane with him. Should be strong enough so I can put a slug in his brain.


Clef: No? Well, offer still stands.

Dr. Jack Bright: What about the other reality sink we considered back in 2013, the girl in Omaha? I imagine she's a bit more stable than Cleffy here.

Clef: Watch it.

Light: That could work. Sinclair, has your Department been keeping track of her?

Dr. Katherine Sinclair: We've been keeping up with her for a while now. She'd be, uh… 17 now, I'm pretty sure.

Bright: Was Pence buddy-buddy with Epstein? That could be our way in.

Light: I- No. We're not doing that either, Jack. Fuck no.

Bright: Hey, hey. Just a suggestion.

Sinclair: Her name's Kate Hopkins. She'd be good as a sink to use against Pence. And we have Alto here as a back-up.

Clef: Shouldn't she be the back-up? I'm the more experienced one here.

Dr. Light: She's the more… adjusted one here, Clef. Some of us are gonna have to go out there and pick her up. Merlo, Navarro, think you could manage that?

Agent Sasha Merlo: We're on it.

Agent Daniel Navarro: Mhm.

(Both Agents leave the conference room, heading towards Area-27's exit.)

Light: Well, that was quick. Forward them her address, Sinclair. Clef, al-Atassi, Gears. Want you three to think of ways to get Hopkins to Pence so we can take him out silently. Bright, send a request to make Hopkind a Class-E Personnel. Glass, think you could convince her to be cooperative when Navarro and Merlo get her? You got a way with kids.

Dr. Simon Glass: Of course.

Light: Maldonado, how's the UIU gonna feel about this?

Agent Carmen Maldonado: Politicians are assassinated all the time. We'll probably launch an investigation, but I'll make sure we don't uncover much.

Provisional Agent Kate Hopkins was acquired by Agents Sasha Merlo and Daniel Navarro without issue and was given an entry interview by Dr. Simon Glass, in which they were informed of SCP-30021. Kate Hopkins proved to be cooperative with Foundation personnel, which allowed for her to be given basic combat training by the Department of Mobile Task Forces.

Addendum 30021.4: The Hopkins Attempts

As Project Berning was wrapping up discussions on how to properly expose SCP-30021 to Provisional Agent Kate Hopkins, the anomaly announced its plans to run as President. Without much preparation, Project Berning launched a series of assassination attempts, the results of which are chronicled here:

Following these failed attempts to decommission SCP-30021, Agent Kate Hopkins and Director Alto Clef were mobilized in preparation to assault and potentially terminate the entity. STF ε-55 ("Devil May Care")'s Beta Squad was deployed alongside Provisional Agent Hopkins and Director Clef.

After Action Report

Date: 28/09/2024

Response Team: STF Epsilon-55

Subject: STF Epsilon-55's Alpha Squad was deployed alongside Provisional Agent Kate Hopkins, with Director Alto Clef as back-up.

Squad Lead: ALPHA-1 "Kali"
Squad Members: ALPHA-2 "Romeo", ALPHA-4 "Link", ALPHA-5 "Mona Lisa", PA Kate Hopkin


ALPHA-1 "Kali": Equipment check.

ALPHA-4 "Link": Looking good.

ALPHA-5 "Mona Lisa": Working as intended.

ALPHA-2 "Romeo": Works fine, Kal.

PA Kate Hopkins: I think it's working right…

Dr. Alto Clef: Everything's working over here.

COMMAND: Perfect. Go ahead into the rally, Alpha. Try not to draw attention.

"Kali": Understood. Hopkins, stay with Mona Lisa. Romeo and Link stay with each other.

Alpha Squad enters the rally site in Cleveland, Ohio undercover. Mona Lisa and Hopkins move towards the stage as SCP-30021 is giving a speech. As the pair get closer, SCP-30021's is noted as seemingly getting more exhausted. Akiva readings begin to slowly fall. Once Hopkins is approximately 20 yards from the stage, the subject becomes aware of the operative, and gestures for her to come on stage.

SCP-30021: You there, young lady. Why don't you come up here? Come on up and tell me and this gathering of the finest people in this here town what you're doing here?

Hopkins: Co-Command? What do I do here?

COMMAND: Go along with it. It'll look suspicious if you don't. Keep Mona Lisa with you, just in case.

Mona Lisa and Hopkins come onto the stage. Mona Lisa is stopped by a security detail at the stairs, while Hopkins is directed to stand next to SCP-30021. The subject places a hand on Hopkins' shoulder.

Kali: He's touching a reality sink, why isn't he being affected?

Romeo: Something doesn't feel right about this.

Clef: You don't say. Command, permission to start moving in?

COMMAND: Get ready to support them, Clef. Seems like they're gonna need it.

Clef: MTF Lambda-2 ("Dr. Clef's Bisexual Stripper Assassin Squad", moving out.

SCP-30021: Now, Ms. Hopkins. You're a nice young lady, aren't you? From Omaha, right? Why don't you look at these people, these fine pure-blooded Americans, and tell them what you're doing here?

Hopkins: I-I I'm here to support your cause, Mr. Pence. S-Someone needs to pick up where Trump ended and make America even greater.


SCP-30021: (Laughter.) That's right, that's right. Now, who do you think is capable of keeping America as a bastion of freedom in this cold, cold world.

Hopkins: Y-you, sir.

SCP-30021: So why are you trying to kill me?

Silence. Hopkins is noted as appearing nervous. Alpha Squad begins to head closer to the stage. Dr. Clef is approximately one minute away from the rally site.

SCP-30021: No, no. Don't try and come any closer. I can see you moving out there in the crowd. And don't you try and act dumb either, Hopkins.

SCP-30021 grabs Hopkins' arm, and rolls up her sleeve, revealing the knife hidden within. It clatters to the floor as Clef reaches the rally site. SCP-30021 tightens his its grip on Hopkins.

Link: My Kant Counter is picking up a drop in Humes. Think we oughta do something.

Kali: Mona, do something!

Mona Lisa proceeds to grapple one of the security guards watching over her, flipping him off the stage and running towards the other one. Before she can reach the other guard, SCP-30021 turns its gaze to her. A sharp drop in Hume Levels is recorded, coinciding with Mona Lisa's legs transmuting into granite.

SCP-30021: All of you have strayed from the light of Heaven, from the true American way. And it is up to I to make sure that this fine country doesn't descend into damnation and sinfulness. Isn't that right, folks?

The crowd cheers in agreement.

SCP-30021: Our Lord has bestowed upon me a fraction of His oh mighty power. Let me show you just a smidgen of it.

The amount of Akiva Radiation in the rally site begins to sharply increase as Hume begins to decrease rapidly. A bright, blinding light begins to be emitted from SCP-30021's body. Dr. Clef rushes onto the stage, holding a shotgun of unknown make.

Dr. Clef: Eat this, you evangelical piece of shit!

As Dr. Clef fires on SCP-30021, the light engulfs him and the rally site, destroying nearby cameras and interfering with communication services.


Notes: Following this incident, MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was sent to investigate. The rally site was found to have been rapidly abandoned, and empty save for the charred remains of Provisional Agent Kate Hopkins and the petrified body of MTF Epsilon-55 member Sara "Mona Lisa" Laurent. MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") and the Foundation's Disinformation Bureau were unable to ensure secrecy over the events of the rally, leading to information of the vent leaking to mainstream media and news outlets. The remaining members of MTF Epsilon-55's Alpha Squad have since been spotted in other SCP-30021 events, and seem to have shifted loyalties. No traces of Dr. Alto Clef have been found, and he has been declared Missing In Action.


"In light of the recent failure to mask SCP-30021, who has won the Republican nomination, from the public eye, a ßK-Class “Lifted Veil” Scenario is to be declared and proper protocols are to be enacted." (O5-02)


O5-01 O5-08
O5-02 O5-12
O5-03 O5-13


Addendum 30021.5: 2024 Presidential Election

Prior to the 2024 Presidential Election, via the Department of Public Outreach, a message was sent to all electronic devices capable of producing visual output. Following is a transcript of the video.


A rather worn looking female, with dark circles around her baby blue eyes, and long blonde hair that was folded neatly in a ponytail shuffled papers appeared in front of the above image. She cleared her throat before speaking:

To the general public, it has come to our attention that leaked video footage of the most recent Pence rally surfaced, displaying a rather… odd sequence of events. The contents of this small video clip hold a mountain of secrets, all of which will be exposed in this short broadcast. I am Aviva Elizabeth Avella, a leading researcher in an organisation named "The SCP Foundation." We've remained in secrecy, containing threats beyond your comprehension, and sacrificing ourselves in the dark, so you may flourish in the light.

We contain anomalous entities possessing powers beyond the standard depiction of normality, and prevent the extinction of the human race. While this may seem fake, a joke, whatever you're thinking, I assure you it is not. We've been operating in the shadows since the 19th Century and remained hidden since. The events of the Mike Pence rally have prompted us to come out of the shadows, for we can't hide anymore. A series of documents have been released to the public through various news networks to show you what we deal with.

We… The Foundation work for you. The people of this great world. We die in the dark, so you can live in the light.

She ended, then let out an audible sigh of relief before the cameras cut.

An emergency meeting of Project Berning was held following the above press release to discuss the Foundation's plan moving forwards. With the death of Dr. Ismail al-Atassi, Yossi Leiner was promoted to Acting Director. Out of respect for Dr. Alto Clef, the seat for the Director of Internal Security was left vacant.

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

In Attendance:

  • Dr. Sophia Light - Director, Foundation Western Regional Command
  • Dr. Mark Kiryu - Senior Researcher
  • Dr. Simon Glass - Head, Foundation Psychology
  • Dr. Charles Gears - Head, Analytics
  • Dr. Katherine Sinclair - Director, Thaumatology and Occult Studies, Site-87
  • Dr. Hollister Cox - Asst. Director, Site-81
  • Dr. Jack Bright - Director, Personnel
  • Dr. Frederick Heiden - Director, Public Outreach
  • Dr. Yossi Leiner - Acting Director, Tactical Theology
  • Agent Sasha Merlo - Field Agent
  • Agent Daniel Navarro - Field Agent
  • Dr. Justine Everwood - GOI Liaison
  • Agent Carmen Maldonado - Special Liason to the FBI

Dr. Sophia Light: Greetings, everyone. It's been a while. Glad to have you two here. Leiner, Heiden. Give my condolences to al-Atassi's family, will you? And the rest of Tactical Theology, yes?

Dr. Yossi Leiner: There isn't really a Tactical Theology, ma'am, but I'll pass your messages to those who remain.

Light: As for Clef, well… hm… let's just move on with the meeting. Fred, if you will?

Dr. Frederick Heiden: Since we've broken the Veil, we've seen some resistance to 30021's campaign. Many non-religious organizations have come out condemning Pence's murder of Agent Hopkins and Laurent. Despite this, support for him has gone through the roof. Many evangelicals have turned towards supporting him. The Catholic Church, Horizon Initiative, and Knights of St. George have all begun backing him. We've only worsened the issue, it seems. He's on track to win the Presidential Election. People on the left supporting Bernie and Pete are losing hope, and he's on track to suffer the worst loss in American history.

Dr. Jack Bright: Well, shit.

Dr. Hollister Cox: Couldn't we deploy some memetics to bolster support for Bernie?

Dr. Justine Everwood: UIU won't let us, especially after the 2000 Election.

Bright: That was 24 years ago. We'll be fine, right? Not like anyone's gonna stop us. We got the memetic frameworks necessary to pull something off like this.

[Agent Carmen Maldonado coughed. The rest of Project Berning turns to face her.]

Bright: Oh, right, uh… This may be awk-

[Dr. Charles Gears proceeds to incapacitate Agent Maldonado by elbowing her face. He picks up her unconscious body and heads towards the meeting room's exit.]

Dr. Charles Gears: Apologies for the outburst. I'll carry her to Amnestics to get treated, then place her in detainment. We're in dire circumstances, and we can't afford any obstacles.

[Dr. Gears leaves with Agent Maldonado.]

Dr. Simon Glass: That was…

Light: Violent, but necessary. Cox, call the head of the Memetics Division. Tell them to whip something up for us. Heiden, think you can find a good way to disseminate the memes when they're ready?

Heiden: Yes, ma'am.

Light: Excellent. Bright, Kiryu, Sinclair. I need you to devise ways to launch attacks on Pence if we need to. Get whoever you need for it. Mann, King, KPC, whoever. Just get it done. Everwood, make sure the UIU doesn't become aware that they've lost Maldonado. Meeting dismissed.

Doctors Jack Bright, Mark Kiryu, Katherine Sinclair formed Project "Pence Dance" shortly after the conclusion of this meeting. The Project opened up the entirety of the SCP-30021 file to Clearance Level 2/30021 and began taking submissions on possible methods to decommission the anomaly. Following is a curated sample of these submissions. Project Pence Dance was shuttered after only a week of existence.

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