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Item #: SCP-30017 l3.png Object Class: Safe
Level 3 Clearance Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: The property surrounding SCP-30017 is to be patrolled by security teams consisting of both Foundation Security Department and Clare Initiative personnel. Pre-established patrol routes are to be followed by teams of 6, once every hour. Any irregular activity directly outside of SCP-30017 is to be reported and filed for investigation.

Nautilus Welfare Funds and Gibson House Limited, both Clare Initiative-owned companies, are to maintain ownership of SCP-30017. No attempts by Foundation front companies are to be made to purchase SCP-30017.

Requests by SCP-30017-A are to be processed by both The Foundation and The Clare Initiative, and must be approved by both parties to be passed. If SCP-30017-A needs to leave the SCP-30017 property, a detachment of Clare Initiative members are to accompany the entity off the premises.

Description: SCP-30017, publicly known as the Andrew Gibson House, is an abandoned building in New Brighton, England, United Kingdom. SCP-30017 was built in 1906 to provide shelter to widows of deceased sailors. SCP-30017 did not exhibit anomalous properties until 2003 when Nautilus Welfare Funds was purchased by GoI-715 ("Clare Initiative"). Currently, SCP-30017 serves as the residence of SCP-30017-A, the current leader of GoI-715. SCP-30017-A possesses very minor anomalous capabilities, most of which are negligible and do not require documentation.

The interior of SCP-30017 exhibits multiple spatial anomalies, least of which being that it extends beyond the exterior dimensions of the building. Multiple rooms within SCP-30017 do not follow standard laws of physics, which can be found listed in Addendum 30017-1. Likewise, a myriad of entities (referred to as SCP-30017-1) can be found within and around SCP-30017 that seem to exist solely to cater to SCP-30017-A's needs and wants.

SCP-30017 first came under Foundation purview in 2005, when GoI-715 communicated with contacts within The Foundation for aid in securing SCP-30017. A deal was formed between the organisations that resulted in The Foundation providing security to the property, and GoI-715 providing The Foundation limited access to their records.

Addendum 30017.1: Structural Anomalies and Notable Residents

Colloquial Name Description Notes
'Cloak Room' When an individual enters the room wearing what could be considered a cloak, jacket, or coat, small humanoids appear from the corners of the room and remove this piece of attire. Attire is returned when its owner enters the room a second time. All attempts to track either the entities or removed attire have failed, as entities seemingly vanish once they come in contact with the room's corners. N/A
'Gun Room' The contents of the room are currently unknown. Any attempts to record or recount the interior have failed, and resulted in incoherent data. When an individual enters the room with the intent to obtain a weapon, the individual will emerge from the room with an item that best suits their needs. This process takes exactly 27 seconds to complete, and has produced a plethora of anomalous or otherwise unique objects. Under normal circumstances, Foundation personnel are not allowed access to the 'Gun Room,' however, they may be allowed within if SCP-30017 is under attack by hostile entities.
'The Study' This room is subject to a field of sound wave suppression, which results in no noise being audible in the room. Any sound waves that originate from another location that enter 'The Study' cease to exist, allowing the room's occupants to do about their tasks without interruption. 'The Study' is also believed to apply a minor counterconceptual effect on objects within it, as items that would otherwise distract or draw an individual's attention do not have any effect. N/A

Instance Designation Description Notes
SCP-30017-1-Oz SCP-30017-1-Oz is a humanoid subject constructed out of a black, sludge-like material. This material is irrecoverable from -Oz, as it rapidly dissipates after leaving the main body. -Oz is generally seen wearing a yellow cardigan and a pair of denim pants. Individuals without proper psychic conditioning have shown higher activity in the amygdala (correlating with a heightened sense of fear) around -Oz. The entity serves a butler role within SCP-30017. N/A
SCP-30017-1-Peres SCP-30017-1-Peres can be located within the gardens and lawn surrounding SCP-30017. While -Peres itself is intangible, it has made itself present through the animation of dead plant matter, which it manipulates to create a humanoid form to tend the garden with. Plants under the care of -Peres have shown an increased rate of growth, and the tendency to exhibit more vibrant colours, even if the species wouldn't be able to naturally produce these colours. N/A
The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness is a floating mass of flesh (approximately 3 meters in diameter) located within SCP-30017. The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness has a series of tentacle-like appendages (estimates range from 10 to 85) around the lower hemisphere of its body, all of which end in structures similar to dust brushes. mops, and other cleaning tools. The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness uses these structures to clean SCP-30017, generally serving as a maid. The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness is subject to a nomenclative hazard which bars it from being referred to by anything other than The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness. The exact consequences of referring to The Undulating Mass Which Necessitates Cleanliness by any other pronoun or designation are currently unknown, as Foundation staff have been barred from experimenting with this by the Clare Initiative.







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