Item#: 9097
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9097 is to be kept in an open courtyard, with a total available space of 400 x 400 metres. Testing of SCP-9097 is prohibited unless granted by the Head Researcher, currently Dr. Aviv Brann, as well as by the Assistant Head Researcher, currently Dr. Ezekiel Cohen.

Description: SCP-9097 is a brass object, of varying sizes and shapes. Due to SCP-9097's anomalous effect, no comment can be made on its appearance, besides that it changes depending on who views it. Photos taken of SCP-9097 reflect what the photographer sees. What it changes to is theorised to be something along the lines of what first comes to people's minds with the phrase "Jewish Object". SCP-9097 has been observed as anything considered "Jewish", whether on purpose or accidentally. SCP-9097 has been appeared as:

  • a small wooden table, decorated with an Israeli flag and a Menorah, with 3 lit candles, including the Shammash;
  • a statue of Judas Maccabeus;
  • The Temple of Jerusalem, in disrepair;
  • The Temple of Jerusalem, in pristine condition;
  • an exact replica of the Second Temple of Jerusalem; and
  • an exact replica of the Arch of Titus.
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