Sol II

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Thaumaturgical and Dimensional Research Venusian Orbital Station Sol II

Site Identification Code: GTrhon-Sol-II

General Information

Founded: 3rd February 2004

Location: Venusian Orbital Space

Site Function: Thaumaturgical and Dimensional Research; Venusian Staging Site; Vessel Docks

Size: 1km2

Facilities and Wings


Circle on DADR's floor, designed to absorb backlash and send it to Acroamatic Abatement for processing.


A photo of Venus taken from Sol II's Viewing Room.

  • Containment Wing: Due to the small number of anomalies permanently contained on Sol II, the station only has a single section completely dedicated to containment. Most of the cells are highly customizable, allowing for the temporary housing of anomalies being relocated to the Venusian surface or other celestial bodies.
  • Electrical Wing: The powerhouse of the station, the Electrical Wing ensures that the entire station gets enough power to stay in orbit, maintain life support systems, and more. The main powering unit of Sol II is SCP-037, with SCP-018 serving as auxiliary and solar energy as a failsafe.
    • SCP-037 Housing Chamber: The main powering unit of Sol II, approximately 5% of SCP-037's energy output is used to power the station. The remaining 95% is either discarded into empty branch realities or transported to Earth via automated thaumaturgic rituals to power terrestrial Sites.
    • SCP-018 Housing Chamber: The kinetic energy generated by SCP-018 is used to power lower-priority sections of Sol II, such as the Commons Room and Staff Quarters.
    • Solar Energy Chamber: This room contains an inverter used to convert energy collected by solar panels on the space station's exterior to AC. The energy is stored for use in case SCP-037 and SCP-018 become unusable.
  • InfoTech Department: Serves as both the Regional Headquarters of the Department of Information Technology and the server room for Sol II. Due to its distance from Earth, the station is disconnected from The Foundation's SCiPNet, instead housing a smaller, lower-memory version of the database. Sol II also maintains its own messaging platform, called Phosphorus. Messaging the main SCiPNet database is possible, but takes too many months for it to be practical. Urgent messages to Earth are usually sent through apportation.
  • Docking Bay: The secondary means of reaching Sol II, the Bay allows for Foundation spacefaring vessels to connect to Sol II for resupply and refuelling. It also allows for vessels heading towards Venus or Mercury to rest or prepare for the upcoming journey. The Docking Bay is mostly used by The Foundation's intrasolar task forces and to bring in large shipments of supply for the station.
  • Designated Apportation Destination Room: The main means of entering Sol II, the DADR employs the use of apportation, an occult method of instantaneous teleportation. As a majority of Sol II's population, and The Foundation as a whole, are incapable of thaumaturgy, Everhart Resonators are installed around the room to generate the EVE necessary for apportation. The sigils covering DADR's surfaces are designed to capture the backlash caused by apportation and send it to Acromatic Abatement for processing. DADR is mostly used to transport personnel and small items. Using apportation in or apportating into any section of Sol II outside of DADR is grounds for requital.
  • Acromantic Abatement: An anomalous materials processing unit. Through a myriad of occult and arcane procedures, Acromantic Abatement neutralizes materials so they can be safely disposed of. Sol II's Acromantic Abatement only processes materials that require urgent attention or otherwise can't be brought to Earth, where they would be sent to the main Acromantic Abatement facility in Site-43.
  • AWD Facility: A sealed-off wing containing all the essentials for paraweaponry research, development and construction. Testing is conducted on the Venusian surface or on Venus' moons when available. Prototypes and products from AWD are delivered to the rest of Sol II via delivery chutes that ensure no contact between AWD and other sections of Sol II. The facility also serves as the holding cell for Ezra Everest, who is disallowed from leaving the section.
  • Other: These are areas of Sol II that, while notable, do not require detailed descriptions.
    • Commons Room
    • Staff Quarters
    • Office Wing
    • Cafeteria
    • Storage Wing
    • Viewing Room
    • Thaumaturgical Research Wing
    • Dimensional Research Wing
    • Life Support Systems

Vehicles and Vessels


A probe released by Sol II.

  • SCPS Venerian: Commissioned in 2006, the SCPS Venerian is a small manned spacecraft specifically designed to explore Venus and survive its existing hazards. The spacecraft is capable of being operated by up to four individuals and can carry approximately 15 metric tonnes worth of materials. The SCPS Venerian can be outfitted with combat equipment, but is not currently. It is mostly utilized by detachments of MTF Rho-19 ("Cytherans") and research teams.
  • SCPS Draugr: Commissioned in 2018, the SCPS Draugr was built with extrasolar travel in mind. The vessel is approximately 0.5km2 in size, and never actually docks onto Sol II. Instead, the SCPS Draugr enters orbit near the station, and supplies, personnel, and objects are moved between the two through spacewalking.

Staffing Information

Directors/Department Heads:

  • Site Director: T. Ophelia Pan
  • Asst. Site Director: A. Koharu Saiko
  • *Asst. Dir. of Personnel & Acquisitions: Dr. Xeynell Otum
  • Asst. Dir. of Facilities & Logistics: Dr. Winston Hammond
  • Asst. Dir. of Janitorial and Maintenance: Dr. Patricia Clark
  • Medical Director: A. Koharu Saiko
  • Asst. Dir. of Astrobiology: T. Ophelia Pan
  • Asst. Dir. of Extradimensional Studies: Dr. Hugh Finner
  • Asst. Dir. of Thaumaturgy and Occult Studies: Sylvanos
  • Asst. Dir. of Acromantic Abatement: Dr. Ryan Quinn
  • Asst. Dir. of Solar System Oversight: SELENE.aic
  • Asst. Dir. of Anomalous Weapons Development: Ezra Everest
  • Ethics Committee Liaison: N/A
  • Site Personnel: 86 (Not including task force members)
    • Department Heads: 11
    • Staff Doctors: 9
    • Staff Researchers: 15
    • Administrative Personnel: 7
    • Maintenance or Janitorial: 12
    • Security Personnel: 12
    • D-Class: 0
    • Other Personnel: 21
  • Attached Task Forces:
Alphanumeric Identifier Codename Task Force Type Commander Strength
ρ-19 (Rho-19) Cythereans Establishment Sgt. Pang Yuande [DATA REDACTED]

Additional Information

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