Discovered by: Dr. Akabi Hayk
Date: 21/09/21

Species: Unknown
Notes: The cell has been walled off by at least 1.5m of concrete. All attempts to view or break into the tank has failed due to probabilistic anomalies. Many personnel stationed at SCP-6222 have reported feeling unusual levels of hatred and disgust when in proximity of this cell.

Species: 5 Aphredoderus sayanus (Pirate Perch)
Crimes: Piracy
Notes: Damaged movie discs litter the bottom of the cell. Underneath the note detailing the SCP-6222-1 instances' crimes is a secondary note. The note reads: *"Piracy is no joke kids! Make sure you buy your movies legally, unless you wanna be packed in here like sardines!"* The logo of Frankfort Animation is drawn on the back of the note.

In a brighter world, tribal Portugal.

Subject was discovered in a small crater in northern Portugal where it struck the Earth from orbit. Encased in a shell of thick rock, the fleshy exterior of the object was exposed by the impact. A native farmer happened upon the site and reported his findings to the village elder.

From "SCP-002" by Mombun

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