Under Moonlight

I looked up at the full moon beaming down on me, its serene, calming light highlighting every flaw and imperfection on my face. Each ray of light precisely hitting my face to enhance how unsuitable I was. I turn and look at him, the golden child, and watch how the light upholds his face, drowning out each little cut, each blemish, each miscalculation in the forming of his face. Why him?, I ask myself. Why not me? Is it because I can't sing as good as him, is it because I can't dance as well as him, is it because I can't hold a conversation as well as he can? I could do all of those things and more, I plead with the Moon. I can be better for you. I reach out to embrace the Moon, to hold it in my arms and never let go, but all I hold on to is the empty air. It was never close to me. Never was and, now with him here, never will be. Its brilliant glow had tricked me, blinding me to how truly distant she was. I stand there, devastated, watching as the two of them walk away. I watch as, hand-in-hand, they leave me here, alone, under an empty night sky.

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